To respond to the growing needs of the community, Alpha Child and Family Services is providing telehealth services. Telemental delivers clinical health services to clients at a distance using interactive audio and video telecommunication. Alpha Child and Family Services uses HIPAA-compliant technology that enhances convenience for clients and providers.

Telemental Health Services help to remove traditional stigmas surrounding mental healthcare that often have convinced clients not to seek care. It also eliminates travel to offices for visits and reduces transportation costs and time.

Some technology requirements to consider include the following:

  • A reliable device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop that enables audio/video
  • A program, app, or website to connect with the care provider
  • A good wired internet connection or strong wifi
  • Headphones (not essential, but can be helpful with privacy and blocking out noise)

We service New Jersey and Pennsylvania and accept most insurance plans for Telemental Health Services. For the fastest service, please use the online system to schedule an appointment today. If you have questions, please click contact us and send a message.